SAPPHIRE: “Project Muse” replaces SAPGUI

SAP showed for the first time a prototype of “Project Muse” at the SAPPHIRE in Orlando. “Project Muse” is a new user-interface that should replace SAPGUI and will be available for mySAP ERP 2005 in future updates.

Is this really a new technology or just an advancement of WebDynpro? Will this now finally be THE user-interface for SAP’s applications or yet another option besides Portal, Duet, SAPGUI, (ITS-)HTML-GUI, WebDynpro, Flash/Flex and so forth? We will see…


Who wants to buy SAP?

There were rumors a month ago, and there are rumors again and again: will SAP be acquired? In an interview with Fincancial Times Hasso Plattner, one of the founders of SAP, now told us which companies he considers to be potential buyers, namly IBM, Microsoft and Google. He said if the shareholders would think this would be better, one had to be “emotionless”.
I don’t really think it would actually be better for SAP if they lost their independence, but I ask myself what Plattner wanted to achieve with this statement. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer.

New Google Betas

“Google announced new technologies to enhance and improve the search experience. Three new products – Google Co-op, Google Desktop 4, and Google Notebook – advance the state of the art in search by helping users worldwide find and share more relevant information. The products all incorporate new capabilities that leverage user communities, enabling users to either share more information with others or benefit from other users’ expertise to improve the accuracy of search results.”


Microsoft and SAP play a “Duet”

After a year of testing the project "Mendocino" becomes a product (available at the end of June), now being called "Duet". It serves to connect Microsoft products (mainly Outlook) with SAP processes (mainly in the area of HR).
The (initial) functionality is quite thin, and connections between Office and SAP are not a new thing. But what's interesting about it is the vision around it, showing how application-integration can work today, based on open internet standards. 

Internet Explorer 7 excludes Google

The default search engine for Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista will be MSN Live Search. That's not really a surprise, is it? But google complains heavily about this fact, this is also well understandable.
Nicholas Carr now argues in his blog that Google could also offer their user the choice for another search engine on their startpage. But this is really not the same: when users are on the Google start-page, they already chose a search-engine, but a browser and a search-engine are and should stay separate products. To bundle different products together, using the wide distribution of the one to promote the other, is a pratice often used by microsoft which may indeed be seen as "illegal".
The question is if Google will make it to accomplish this opinion at the courts, but perhaps a large number of PC-users today is clever enough to change this default setting in their browsers.

SAP wants to increase acquisitions in 2006

SAP announced to spend more money for acquisitions in 2006 than the year before. In 2005, SAP invested 242 milliion Euro in several smaller companies. The software vendor wants to keep this proceeding of being very selective, only buying companies with special techologies or with special knowledge in certain industries.
I find this strategy of an "organic growth" much better and easier to handle than what e.g. Oracle does. Let's see how they will manage to build one consistent software out of the various products of the divers vendors (Peoplesoft, Siebel, …) they bought.