Internet Explorer 7 excludes Google

The default search engine for Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista will be MSN Live Search. That's not really a surprise, is it? But google complains heavily about this fact, this is also well understandable.
Nicholas Carr now argues in his blog that Google could also offer their user the choice for another search engine on their startpage. But this is really not the same: when users are on the Google start-page, they already chose a search-engine, but a browser and a search-engine are and should stay separate products. To bundle different products together, using the wide distribution of the one to promote the other, is a pratice often used by microsoft which may indeed be seen as "illegal".
The question is if Google will make it to accomplish this opinion at the courts, but perhaps a large number of PC-users today is clever enough to change this default setting in their browsers.


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