More facts about “Project Muse”

First demo’s of “Project Muse”, SAP’s new user-interface, were shown at the SAPPHIRE in Orlando. Now some technical details were unveiled for the SDN-community in a blog.

The most important facts:

  • “Project Muse” is installed locally, but based on web-technology, namly Macromedia’s/Adobe’s Flash technology (more precisely, it is based on Adobe’s new Apollo)
  • “Classical” GUI-transactions, WebDynpros, web-applications, BW-reports and so on can be included as transactions within the GUI
  • The role-based menu, logon, Single Sign-On are handled by a Portal-Runtime (i.e. a Portal-Runtime is always needed for Project Muse)
  • Unlike the classical SAPGUI, “Project Muse” runs on Windows, but also on Mac OS and Linux (thanks to being Flash-based), and in future shall also be able to run on mobile devices

Knowing all that, I think “Project Muse” could be seen as an alternative user-interface for the NetWeaver Portal, by-passing some limitations web-browsers implicate for professional applications.

The question is, why does SAP not rely on open standards (like AJAX or the Flash-alternative SVG), but makes itself dependent on a third-party vendor in such a central functionality?


Google Spreadsheets

After buying the Ajax-based word-processor “Writely” in March, Google now announces it’s “Spreadsheets“-service.


Together with it’s calendar-service Google now offers the most important elements of an Office-suite in a completly web-based and installation-free manner. Comparable to ajaxLaunch, but probably with more “impact” and a better quality.
Does Microsoft have to get afraid now? Like Nicholas Carr also thinks, probably not. Those web-based tools are – at least today – not more than an extension to locally installed office-apps. They are nice if you want to share documents, quickly edit an Excel-file if you are on a computer without Excel, and so on. Everything Microsoft plans to offer with their own ‘Live’-service.
By the way, would really like do to do your personal, private budgeting with a web-service offered by Google?

(See more of Google Spreadsheets here)