Geocoding in flickr

Flickr added a fancy new feature to their service: it is now possible to geocode photos within flickr, just by dragging and dropping them onto a map within the organizer. The map is – certainly – provided by flickr’s parent company Yahoo. Geocodes are added to the photos automatically, and the name of the corresponding place is also found automatically.
Thus, it is now also possible to browse flickr-photos with a map-interface.

(from TechnologyEvangelist)


New Version of Google Web Toolkit available

Google released a new version 1.1.10 of their AJAX- and Java-based Google Web-Toolkit (GWT), which fixes some bugs.

Besides, a fist book on GWT is available from the Pragmatic Programmers.

(from Ed Burnette’s Dev Connection)

Erich Gamma is one of “The people Who Shape Technology”

Ed Burnette appreciates Erich Gamma‘s achievements in his interesting recent blog post “A pattern of succes“. “Gang of Four” design patterns, unit testing, Eclipse – all this is asscociated to the name Erich Gamma. So it is really just logical to count him among “The People Who Shape Technology”.

Sharepoint Connector for SAP NetWeaver Portal

The Windows Sharepoint Services Connector for the SAP NetWeaver Portal (NWP) is now available and can be downloaded from here.
This makes it finally possible to integrate the best of both worlds, use the SAP Portal as the one and only portal in the enterprise to integrate applications and information, and also take advantage of the good integration of the Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) with Microsoft Office, without leaving the portal. Portal users access the WSS-documents directly from within Portal’s Knowledge Management (KM) views.

(from SDN)