Geocoding in flickr

Flickr added a fancy new feature to their service: it is now possible to geocode photos within flickr, just by dragging and dropping them onto a map within the organizer. The map is – certainly – provided by flickr’s parent company Yahoo. Geocodes are added to the photos automatically, and the name of the corresponding place is also found automatically.
Thus, it is now also possible to browse flickr-photos with a map-interface.

(from TechnologyEvangelist)


4 thoughts on “Geocoding in flickr

  1. Well, I can at least say that I think they take this topic serious. The investment in a company like Socialtext and the participation in a congress like “chance web2.0” show that. They know about the power of the blogosphere, and I think we will see some “Enterprise 2.0”-features in future releases of the NetWeaver Portal. But a more detailed statement on that would be overbearing, perhaps you in Walldorf (working for SAP?) know more about it… ;-)

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