What’s new in SAP NetWeaver 2004s

On SDN I found two presentations describing the new features of NetWeaver 2004s, the successor of NetWeaver 04. One is concise and the other more detailed.

The key facts:

  • NetWeaver 2004s is SAP’s open and adaptable infrastructure for Enterprise SOA (i.e. the foundation for their Business Process Platform)
  • There are no NetWeaver components any more (like Mobile Infrastructure, Portal, …) and no different versions and version numbers of components. There is only one NetWeaver 2004s
  • Instead, there is a more “business process oriented” view of NetWeaver: the business needs to run IT scenarios (e.g. Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis), which need one ore more “installed units” of NetWeaver (e.g. NetWeaver BI), which can comprise some clients (browser, BEx, …), systems (AS ABAP, AS Java, …) and standalone engines (TREX)
  • There are also some new features, not only new terms ;-):
    • Enhanced BI with integrated business planning and “BI Accelerator” for higher performance
    • New portal features: Federated Portal Networks (of independent portal installations) and “External Facing Portals” to build extranets or public web sites
    • New development capabilities with WebDynpro for ABAP and features like the switch framework, a new enhancement concept and a new code editor

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