Major announcements from SAP TechEd 06

SAP TechEd 06 in Las Vegas is over since a few days now, time to have a look at the most important announcements from this educational event:

  • The current MySAP ERP 2005 will stay the stable ‘core’-release for the next 5 years. So SAP breaks it’s previous upgrade-circle and accomodates it’s customers that couldn’t follow the software company’s fast pace anyway. Within this timeframe, new functionalities and technology comes with ‘enhancement packages’ which can optionally be installed. more
  • There is a new product called ‘SAP Enterprise Search’. It allows the user to search for information both in unstructured (file-system) and structured data (ERP, 3rd party, …) of the enterprise. more
  • There is a new development environment to come, called ‘SAP NetWeaver Composition Framework’. It combines the Composite Application Framework (CAF), WebDynpro and Visual Composer and allows to develop applications in a model-based, code-free way. more
  • Finally, there is a new community for so called ‘Business Process Experts’ (BPX) within SDN. SDN really thrived since it was started, let’s see wether the BPX-community will as well. more

A good overview of the news from TechEd and the key points of Shai Agassi’s keynote can also be found on Mark Crofton’s blog.


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