SAP is Java EE 5 certified

SAP’s Java-based application server (AS Java) is the first one that passed Sun’s Java EE 5 certification process (except Sun’s own product, certainly).

I think this is quite remarkable, as SAP is a relatively new player in the J2EE-market compared to e.g. IBM, Bea and especially Oracle, which continues to claim that SAP’s software is closed and proprietary. This is in fact true for the core ERP-system, but SAP’s customers also have the possiblity today to build custom applications on a open and standards-based platform (NetWeaver and AS Java). And that should become easier with the new Java EE 5 standard, especially for web-services and Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs).
SAP itself also builds more and more software-components on the new platform (e.g. Portal, xApps), and perhaps, some day, the whole SAP business software will be Java-based… But this will surely take some time…

(from eWeek)

UPDATE: as Vince Kraemer noted, not SAP but a Korean company called “Tmax Soft” was the first to pass the Java EE 5 certification with their application server.


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