Scrybe – a revolutionary Online-Organizer?

You could say there are enough online- and web2.0-style calendar-/organizer-app’s out there to find one that fit’s your needs, like Google Calendar, 30 Boxes, KiKo, … But there is a new one coming up that looks “very interesting” to say the least: Scrybe.

Scrybe seems to be kind of “revolutionary” in at least tow ways: it is accessible offline (though browser-based) and has a really novel way of how users interact with the calendar-app.

Have a look at their demo-video and form your own view on it:

(from Techcrunch)

By the way, what I see there reminds me a little bit of what I saw from SAP’s “Project Muse“, which is Flash-based (Apollo) and is to feature offline-capabilities too…


One thought on “Scrybe – a revolutionary Online-Organizer?

  1. Regarding project Muse, I suggest you look up a white paper posted on SDN:» Using the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal and NetWeaver Business Client

    SDN UI blog post:

    The future of SAP GUIs:

    Btw, very nice demo of Scribe and how they are solving human interaction problems from truly understanding the user context.

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