Software Development Frameworks, Processes, Methods, and Philosophies

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Hasso Plattner about Software, Lego, SOA,… – and many things

A few weeks ago Hasso Plattner, co-founder and former board member of SAP, did a lecture at the “Hasso-Plattner-Institut” at the university of Potsdam, an institute for IT systems engineering he founded and is financing. The topic was “Design and Innovations in Enterprise Applications”, you can find the full version of the speech here and the highlights here.

In his lecture he made some interesting notes about SOA and Gartner calling it “the next big thing”: SOA would surly be a good concept and will be widely adopted (if it not already is), but there would be no “plug and play” or “putting lego-bricks” together, believing this he noted would instead be “the next big trap”. “We can do more”, but nevertheless complexity of software systems would increase, like seen in other disciplines of engineering (e.g. cars or airplanes).

Other parts of the speech focused on “people-centric design” and the ignorance of engineers towards the needs of users or consumers. Concerning this he brought the example of German car-vendors that disregarded the need for coffee-cup holders in cars for the American market for a long time.

It’s always nice to hear someone like him, with such a big experience, insight and passion for the software industry, no matter if you agree with all aspects or not.