Blogs about SAP

Craig Cmehil and Tuncay Karaca have listed some blogs about SAP, outside of SAP/SDN.

Quite complete I think, I only have a few more in my RSS-reader:

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13 thoughts on “Blogs about SAP

  1. You can’t just suggest something and NOT TELL US!! Come on now we have a wiki with suggestions and comments and all that and didn’t it maybe occur to you guys there WAS A REASON! Anyway I can’t help you guys if you don’t help me :-(((


  2. Sorry Craig… I changed it to sdn blogger now as my posts will have a development/technical focus anyway.
    Well, we suggested it by commenting in external blogs, isn’t that what this is all about? :) But you are right, leaving a comment within SDN would have been the better way…

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