Getting Started with Web-Dynpro ABAP

I played around with the first beta-versions of WebDynpro Java (WDJ) already some years ago, now that NetWeaver 2004s (AS ABAP 7.0) is available I also had the chance to go in for WebDynpro ABAP (WDA). This is the version we will probably work the most with, as it doesn’t need a separate runtime environment, is directly integrated into the ERP-system and thereby makes developing business applications based on ERP-functionality much easier.

I am approaching the topic by working through the book “Web Dynpro for ABAP” by Ulli Hoffmann, which treats the subjects with hands-on examples, various source-code excerpts and screenshots rather than abstract descriptions.

The WebDynpro-framework, development tools and runtime environment apparently bring a lot of advantages to (web-)application developers (and users):

  • Declarative and graphical tools speed up the development of UIs
  • The MVC-model leads to a clear separation of layout and business-logic
  • Data-binding makes it easier to bring the data to the frontend and enables automatic type-checking
  • The componentization-options allow reuse on the presentation-level of applications
  • The runtime generates highly interactive, “flicker-free” screens running within a standard-browser

But I have to say that I also like programming BSP‘s with HTMLB and the MVC-model very much. This concept has most of the mentioned advantages too, but offers more flexibility I would say, especially when it comes to dynamically generating screens or parts of screens. WebDynpro becomes slightly complex there.

Those are also good starting-points to WebDynpro ABAP (besides the mentioned book):



20 thoughts on “Getting Started with Web-Dynpro ABAP

  1. not a big deal. I’m glad to get some feedback, and even better if it is positive. I got the chance to write about this topic and since I’m more a programmer than anything else, I tried to put in a lot of examples which can be (more or less) easily recreated. It might be sometimes cumbersome to follow the steps described through multiple pages. I’m currently working on a summary which will be put at the end of each chapter. (in case I get the chance to do a second issue).
    Besides that, I could need some feedback on some tool/application ideas in the web dynpro abap area. In case you guys are interested, drop me a mail.

    regards, Ulli

  2. Request anyone to send me a copy of this book ulli hoffmann’s web dynpro for abap.I am also new to this technlogy and would like to learn this subject.

  3. Hi Ulli,

    I am going through your book.I am working on 3 chapter the problems which i faced was ,for each layout elements there is a class .you didn’t mention how to identify the have just used them.In select options topic for DropDownBykey u are taking about context info attribute info ,but didn’t mention what an info is.

  4. Hi All,

    Can anyone please send me the book mentioned above.


  5. Hi
    I’ve worked on ABAP before, but I no longer have access to an SAP box to learn on. Is there anyway of getting a mini-sap version that I can practice web dynpro programming on?
    Kindest Regards

  6. Thanks a lot for the information you are providing on SAP Webdynpro and the topics that are covered up.are very helpful.
    i would like to ask that what is the scope of SAP webdynpro ABAP training what all topics
    should be covered and has anyone studies from this course of SAP webdynpro ABAP training ??
    or tell me any other guidance…
    would really appreciate help… and Also i would like to thank for all the information you are
    providing on SAP Webdynpro ABAP training.

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