Yahoo! Pipes – Visual Mashup Tool

Yahoo! recently released a new service called “Pipes“, which allows to visually build mashups, i.e. mix, merge and sort data from different RSS-sources into a single RSS-feed, called the “pipe”.


Pipes are created in a visual editor (which you can see above), so no programming skills are necessary to access the data-sources and combine them. This visual tool is very similar to a tool called “Visual Composer” from SAP, which you can see here:

With Visual Composer you can build applications based on SAP function-modules or web-services, also without writing a single line of code.

Probably no end-user will create those kind of mashups or composed applications, it is still to “technical” to do it, but it makes it much easier for people who are skilled to do so. Therefore a large number of those apps will be available, each one adapted and optimized for it’s single purpose, perhaps combined of other apps, so the end user has a bigger chance to get what he just needs.

(from O’Reilly Radar)



“Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us”

This fantastic video very understandingly shows the development of the web to today’s “Web 2.0“. It focuses on the change of publications forms, from HTML-based web-pages to XML-based RSS-feeds, from text to multimedia, from static web-sites to collaborative and social web-services: