The top IT trends for 2017

These are exciting times in the IT industry, as the “digital transformation” leads to the fact that technology is increasingly interwoven with every single process in enterprises, and with more and more areas of our personal lives. In 2017, some more or less new topics will be on our agendas:

  • AI / Machine Learning: machine learning and neural networks will be the basis for systems that understand, learn, predict, and perhaps make their own decisions in the future. This slide from last year’s SAP TechEd shows very curtly what machine learning is all about:
    Machine Learning
  • Bot Frameworks: “bots are the new apps”, and speech recognition combined with machine learning will make “conversational systems” possible, which will be an additional option for human-machine-interaction (but not the only one). SAP does the first steps in this direction with it’s digital assistant “CoPilot“.
  • Virtual Reality: VR has some use-cases also in enterprise applications, e.g. in logistics, as this demonstration during last year’s  congress of the German SAP user-group (DSAG) shows:
  • Blockchain: this technology could be the foundation for the “next generation internet”, and possibly disrupt several industries like banking, retail and media. Maybe not in 2017, but I guess this year we will hear more about it. And SAP is also doing active research on this topic.
    The following TED-talk of Don Tapscott give’s a good overview of the basic idea behind the blockchain and possible use-cases: